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Sports_basketball_2My son’s 3rd grade basketball team ("The Dominators") kicked off their 10-game season last Saturday.

At the pregame meeting with the referees, their coach (me) realized he (me) had made a big mistake.  He (me) had taught his team LAST year’s rule regarding dribbling.  Last year, 2nd graders couldn’t steal the ball off the dribble.  3rd graders CAN steal on the dribble.  (Whoops.)

Anyway, our team was definitely the nicest set of players on the court.  They were nice.  They were polite.  I was cheering, but it was KILLING me on the inside…  🙂

Last night began our journey to change our team’s culture.  EVERYTHING was about aggressiveness.  (We did "unorthodox" drills, you might say.)  I think I ended our practice with this quote:

"What’s our team called???  The NICE-inators?  (No!!!)  The DOM-inators!  When we finish our game, we want to have played so strong & so tough that the other team is BEGGING to finish the game & get off the court because they are SICK of playing us!"

Several of our kids said this was their favorite practice yet.

Boys.  🙂