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Sports - Basketball 2 This weekend, I coached my son's 4th grade basketball game and my daughter's 2nd grade basketball game.  I also played on a Grace basketball team.  Here are some things that I think I think:

  • I love basketball.
  • In my game, I found I can get up & down the floor with anyone (even
    at the ripe old age of 40).  But my shooting absolutely stinks.  (My love of basketball is not helping.)
  • I've GOT to find some time to practice my shooting at some point.  Or I need to change my name to "The Bricklayer."  🙂
  • I've found that, in elementary school, the more aggressive team almost always wins.
  • I think my daughter's 2nd grade team might be more aggressive than my son's 4th grade team.
  • That last point makes me want to scream.
  • Here was my pre-game speech to my daughter's 2nd grade team today:
    • "Girls?  You can be all nice & sweet out THERE!" I said pointing outside the building.  "But in HERE, you are to be mean & nasty & aggressive!"  🙂
  • My boys team played well.  They are the nicest kids.  That's too bad on the court.
  • My girls team absolutely dominated.