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From time to time, I’d like to start giving people a "Backstage Pass" to our Weekend Service Team (WST) creative process.  We have an incredible team of people who invest so much of their heart and soul to serve God and communicate Jesus to people every weekend.  There’s no way I could do what I do without them.

Today’s backstage pass?  Weekly sermon review.

Stumbled on this one a few years ago.  Our church had started a second weekend worship service.  And I would finish the first worship with a number of things I’d want to change.  Or someone would catch me between services and say, "Hey, did you mean that statement to come out that way?"  Then I would teach the second worship and be so much more comfortable with the material.

I got tired of feeling like I was "practicing" on the first worship.  So we started having someone review my message before the first worship.  Each Sunday, at 6:30a, I teach through my message for the first time and receive constructive comment/criticism on word choices, examples, clarity, pace, etc.

I love it.  It is critical to providing extra confidence for our first worship service at 9a.  And I have decided I never want to step on stage again and teach without someone helping me improve the message in tangible ways.

P.S. My Sunday morning review hero is Pastor Brian Gann.  Thank him sometime helping me and the entire church each week!