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Sports_running_aTime for a "Backstage Pass" again.

There are 2 things I’ve learned about myself over the years — through the school of hard knocks, usually 🙂 — that I simply MUST do to remain centered with God.  (1) Spend consistent time with God.  (2) Spend consistent time running.

When I run, I’m alone with God, I burn off a bunch of energy (& stress), and have my GREATEST quiet times.

In fact, I usually work on my weekend messages when I run in something called "Sweat-itation" (i.e. "Sweating" + "Meditation").  People have asked me, "HOW in the world do you do work on your messages when you run???"  Well, I carry a piece of paper in one hand & a Grace pen in the other.  As I run, I pray & think.  When I have a thought that’s note-worthy, I stop running and try to write it down without sweating too much all over the paper.  Then I start running again.

Check out the pictures of papers I "Sweat-itated" all over last week for last Sunday’s message:

  • #1 = Monday run with a blank sheet of paper
  • #2 = Wed’s thoughts after going to bed that night
  • #3 & 4 = Thursday run with a draft handout


Sports_running_sweatitate_3bSports_running_sweatitate_1_2  Sports_running_sweatitate_3a_3 Sports_running_sweatitate_2_2