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Book_back_to_jerusalemI finished the book Back to Jerusalem recently.  It’s a book about God’s missionary call on the Chinese house churches, who have experienced such horrible suffering, persecution, & torture over the last several decades from their government.

Many believers, who can trace their spiritual lineage directly through one of my heroes, Hudson Taylor, believe:

     1.  God started a missionary movement 2000 years ago with Jesus in Jerusalem.

     2.  The movement has generally been east to west.  (Interestingly, that’s the same direction the sun moves & "The Son of God" will return, according to Matthew 24:27.)

      3.  God is calling the Chinese church to evangelize the unreached people groups between China & Jerusalem (AKA "The 10/40 Window").

I loved this book & wish everybody would read it to learn so much about what God is doing in other places in this world.  Here were some things that struck me:

  • Neither I, nor anyone I personally know, have ANY inkling about the deep, inhuman suffering for Christ our Chinese brothers have faced.  The stories are stunning.
  • The Chinese church is NEITHER praying for the end of their government, NOR for the end of their persecution.  Instead, they are fearful of cultural success & acceptance, which would lead to Christian complacency.
  • The Chinese church believes that God used Communism to pave the way for the spread of Christianity by (1) establishing a national language, (2) improving literacy, (3) improving transportation & infrastructure, (4) removing idolatry, and (5) preparing the church to suffer & die in foreign lands by persecuting them.
  • Made me wish God would give me a chance to help.  Who wants to live a safe, sanitized, listless form of Christianity?  NOT ME!  (People lay on their death bed wishing they would have taken MORE chances with their lives…not less.)

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