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Series 09 - Average JoeHere are a couple more thoughts on our "Average Joe" series.

  • Nebraska Shout Out — On Sunday, I was walking to the car after Karina's softball game, and a woman in our church told me about her father (a longtime church elder) & her father's church who have been following the series from Nebraska.  I guess they might have been passing around our Easter message as well.  Nice to hear what God's doing in the Cornhusker-state!
  • Series 09 - Avg Joe (Joseph's Resume) Joseph's Resume — Yup.  Last week, I drafted a resume for the Patriarch Joseph, as if he was applying for a job in today's marketplace.  If you want to read the details, just click the image.  (I had fun with it.)
  • Book - Annointed For Business Book Recommendation
    — Jeff, a man from my small group, has recommended people read the book Anointed for Business by Ed Silvoso.  He told me how the book RADICALLY transformed the way he thought about business — how God can use Christians, and their successes in the corporate sector, to honor Him.  So, if you're a Christian in the marketplace, check out this book.
  • Goshen??? — This weekend, I'm building the ENTIRE message
    around 1 word that impacted Joseph's life: "Goshen."  (Huh????)  Yup. 
    It's a location in Egypt…the place Joseph set up for his family when
    they emmigrated from Palestine.  And it is an INCREDIBLE picture of "Our Very Best Days" with God.  Want to spend 30 minutes with God & have some fun?  Do a quick word study on "Goshen" & try to figure out how Goshen represents "Our Very Best Days."

P.S. On Sunday, July 19, we start a 4-week journey together called "OnePrayer."  I'm VERY excited what God can do in our hearts as we think beyond our church walls…beyond our (local) church to THE (global) Church!