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Object - CalendarStarting today, I’m taking a “blogging-break” in the month of July.  (Can you believe it’s July already?).

What does this mean?

 – Yes, I’m taking a short blogging sabbatical
 – Yes, I’m coming back again (Fri, Aug 1)
 – Yes, I’ll help you “store up” in this entry  🙂

So, a number of things are on my mind as June ends:

  • Yesterday, I failed to mention how much I appreciated the “visual-worship” the children did with the fluorescent scarves during Indescribable.”  It was AWESOME.  Who came up with that idea???  You are the (wo)man!!!  Anyone else like it.
  • I started my week #3 (of 18) in my Hal Higdon Advanced 1 Marathon Training PlanHaven’t missed a day yet, though I didn’t do yesterday’s 3-mile run until 11:30 p.m.!  (If you’re checking on me, I shifted the whole plan 1 day early…I do Monday’s run on Sunday, Tuesday’s run on Monday, etc.)
  • Today, my son took the bike he got for a birthday out for a spin.  Dad was so proud of him (he could barely make it on the bike).  Mom wanted to look away for fear he was bite it, big time.
  • I got a haircut today.  My daughter kept telling me, “Can you put a baseball cap on?”  🙂
  • Next Sunday is going to be AMAZING with this guy speaking at Grace.
  • It’s summer vacation time for a lot of families I know.  Like so many dads, I can say, “Yes!  I am Clark W. Griswold, Jr.”
  • There are some things coming this fall for Grace Church that I am ABSOLUTELY PUMPED about  (and I can’t wait)!
  • Don’t forget to check back on Friday, August 1!

See you soon!