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Here are 4 pictures from today's travel day.

Trip 09 - 3a PlaneThe
first pix is what we saw a lot on our team today.  Guys (including me)
buried in their PDAs or electronic devices trying to get some work done
on the trip.  I think I'm now 9 hours ahead of home.

Trip 09 - 3b AirportThe
second pix is a shot looking just north of the very small airport where we
landed.  The mountains looked like the typical Southern California "moonscape."   But we also drove past miles & miles of amazingly flat valleys with winter wheat planted as far as the eye could see.

Trip 09 - 3c HighwayThe third pix is what our part of the caravan stared at for hours today…the backside of the lead vehicle on the highway.  Usually, the highways were very nice.  Every once in a while, we encountered major bumps.  Traffic wasn't bad too.

Trip 09 - 3d RestaurantThe fourth pix is from just outside where we ate for dinner today.  We ordered regular dishes but they produced an amazing
spread of food that they do for everyone there.  I think I eventually counted 26
plates for the 6 of us.  More food than we could possibly eat.  It's just their
standard presentation with "family style" salad and side dishes they gave us.  Wow. 
Delicious too.

Started to meet a some locals today.  There are
literally millions of people in their ethnic group.  Historically
oppressed.  No country to call home.  Tomorrow we dive into it neck-deep,
hearing what God is doing in people's lives in this
neck-of-the-woods…and thinking & praying like crazy together
about how we might help each other see God glorified in each other's

Off to bed…