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Book - Anointed For Business Last night, I read the book "Anointed for Business" by Ed Silvoso.  Jeff Reglin put it in my hands.  Very cool book.  Ed's goal is to let people know that whatever job you happen to hold is far more than a J-O-B.  It is a Divine Calling…a God-ordained opportunity to be much more than a light to this world…to use your influence in the marketplace (business, education, or government) to transform this world.

Here are three of my favorite quotes:

"The book of Acts unfolds the story of believers who did more than tell people about Jesus in the marketplace. They also witnessed a steady stream of signs and wonders. In fact, only one of the 40 extraordinary manifestations of God's power recorded in Acts happened in a religious venue… Today millions of men and women are similarly called to full-time ministry in business, education and government — the marketplace… Unfortunately many of these marketplace Christians fell like second-class citizens when compared to people who serve full-time in a church or missionary context. This should not be the case…" (p.16)

"Let God show you that your parish, your congregation, your flock is in fact the marketplace. There is a purpose and a destiny for you there. You are part of a movement God has designed to bring His kingdom to the heart of the city." (p.62)

"For a city to be transformed, complete change has to come to the marketplace, and Christian businesspeople must play a key role. What exactly is that role? The role is always determined by the kind of relationship Christians have with the marketplace. The four levels are:

  1. to be a Christian in the marketplace,
  2. to be a Christian who applies Biblical principles in the marketplace,
  3. to be a Christian who does business in the fullness and in the power of the Holy Spirit, and
  4. to be a Christian committed to the total transformation of the marketplace."

"The fourth level represents those who, after they have experienced God's transforming power in their business, see themselves on a mission to transform the marketplace." (pp.110-111)