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Sports - Olympics
Ok.  I'm big enough to admit it.  I'm an Olympic junkie.

Here are several thoughts:

  • The Olympics are cool.  When else do I care a bunch about rowing?
  • Michael Phelps is the man.  But will I hear anything about him before the next Olympics (besides on a Wheaties box)?
  • What's up with the Jamaican sprinters?  They are dominating.
  • I love watching USA Men's basketball.  I like this team better than the shameful display our previous teams put on.  But I'm always critiquing their defense from my living room.  ("Stay in front of your man!!!")
  • I've enjoyed watching boxing.  A lot of skill.  But give me my MMA.
  • I didn't even know that trampoline was an event!  Did you?
  • I need the Olympics to end so I can get more sleep.  🙂