Select Page - Logo Well today is the day.

I was so excited that I woke up early.

It's the official start of, our journey through the Bible together in 2011. Our plan is unique among Bible reading plans.

It's just way cool.

There's been lots of news to catch you up on in

  • We have OVER 1100 registrations
  • We have 228 Facebook followers
  • We have 152 Twitter followers
  • A bunch around KC are registering from the KLOVE news story
  • A bunch across the USA are registering their friends & family
  • It's not too late for you to INVITE your friends & family!!!
  • I clicked CATCH ME UP to reset the plan on YouVersion today
  • An entire MISSIONS TEAM in Europe is joining us
  • Entire BIBLE STUDIES in California are joining us  (thanks Josh!)
  • Online Facebook discussion groups are launching (thanks Brooke!)
  • People are even creating their own notebooks, complete with personal covenant.  (Way cool, Brooke!) - Brooke's Binder - Brooke's Covenant

It's going to be an UN-BE-LIEVABLE year of people growing closer to God and families/groups growing closer together.

I'll share all the things that people are saying in another post.

P.S. I am WAAAAAAY pumped about tomorrow's 1.2.11 message kickoff.  I'm speaking on the ENTIRE BIBLE…yes, Genesis to Revelation…the ENTIRE Bible in 1 message.  It''ll rock some people's worlds!!!  (Don't miss it.)