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People - Barack Obama

I read an article yesterday that predicted that half the nation would be disappointed by the election.  There's probably a lot of truth to that today.  (Our church has both fully-committed Democrats & Republicans.)

But regardless of who you voted for, IF you are a Christ-follower & IF you believe the Bible, here's what you KNOW…and the results ought to EXCITE you!

     1. God put Obama in charge…just like He put Bush in charge…& Clinton…& Reagan (Romans 13:1)!  GOD HIMSELF puts people in positions of power…"appoints" them in fact.  That's what the Bible says & it's awesome!

     2. God wants you to honor Obama…just like He wanted you to honor Bush…& Clinton…& Reagan (1 Peter 2:17).  That means, regardless of whether you agree or disagree with a President's policies (and we NEED to "speak the truth in love" on things), a Christ-follower HONORS the President!

     3. God wants you to pray for Obama…just like He wanted you to pray for Bush…& Clinton…& Reagan (1 Timothy 2:1-4).  This is one of the hardest jobs in the world.  The responsibility is huge & the pressure is relentless.  He desperately NEEDS your prayers!

On a final note, I am excited today for African-Americans everywhere.  As a white, suburban male, I have not experienced the widespread racial fears & prejudices & injustices they have.  And I'm not so foolish to believe the sweeping statements I heard from the media last night, like "We now have a colorless society."  (Galatians 3:28 says that cannot happen until Jesus is Lord of EVERY heart.)  But I am PSYCHED for African-Americans everywhere and rejoice with them at this historic moment!!!