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Airplane_wingI’m back, Baby!!!

We had an incredible conference this past week…an incredible visit with churches and church leaders in Albania.  There is SO MUCH to be encouraged about what God is doing in the church in Albania and I couldn’t be more excited for them.

Here are a number of thoughts that I’m having right now as I sit in my office.

  • The Albanian church have some real advantages over the North American church to love the people in some key areas of the world, not the least of which is their country’s religious background.
  • I am VERY excited to pray about how God might use us to support what God is doing there in the future.
  • One prayer request you could lift up right now for the church in Durres & Pastor Sazan is, "God, would you please bring a team of musicians to the church in Durres for their praise ministry?"  (Would you pause right now & pray for them?)
  • I pulled a muscle in my neck sleeping funny the night before I left.  It’s still bugging me.  It’s not a big deal, but I’m being careful about how & where I turn my head right now.
  • People have sent word to me to fight jet lag by staying hydrated
    & eating bananas.  I sucked down water & bananas at every
    opportunity I could.  I still feel a little sluggish.  It’s 3:30p, but I feel like it’s 10:30p.  I’m nursing a cup of coffee right now.  🙂

A couple other thoughts on our current "Indiana Jones" series.

  • I downloaded & listened to Ben Abu Saada’s message from Sunday.  I thought he had an AWESOME message with tremendous insights!
  • Also, I received the BEST email from a parent who had her little girl in our worship service from 2 weeks ago:
    • "At least a few details of your preaching on the candlestick got through to [my daughter] last Sunday.  Today, out of the blue, she told me, ‘Mom, we are like the candlestick that was made of just one piece of gold…..our bodies are made of one piece of skin!’  Thank you for this incredible series."
  • I am PUMPED about this Sunday’s topic on the sacrificial altar from Exodus 27:1-8.  Studied it out in Albania & wrote it on the plan on the way back.  DON’T miss this week (and come to our FIRST worship at 9a to free up guest-space at 10:45a!).