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(To the left you can see what it looks like to walk into the church facility.)

In the last couple days, we finished our "Perspectives" Conference with the churches here in Albania.

Albania_080420_church_4_2(To the right, you can see the praise team.)

In session #3 (Sat pm), we discussed how God wants to change how we view other people…to see them from God’s perspective.  We saw that Peter’s comfortable lifestyle, resistance to change, and downright prejudice caused him to struggle when God called him to reach out to Gentiles just 30 miles north (Acts 10:1-33).

Albania_080420_church_8(To the left, you can see the drama team, illustrating the story on Sun am.)

In session #4 (Sun am), we discussed how God wants to change how we view ourselves…to see ourselves from God’s perspective.   We saw that God was able to use 4 very ordinary (even flawed) people, to do extraordinary things when they take a step of faith for him (1 Kings 6:24-7:9).

Albania_080420_church_9 (To the right, you can see the church-wide pictures & post-church dinner.)

After the Sun service was over, we took a big group picture of the churches from Tirana & Durres.  I was perched on top of 2 chairs, which were placed on a table, with 7 cameras hanging around my neck to take the group picture.  Then we had around an hour of heartfelt goodbyes & pictures.  (I felt like I was getting married again!)  🙂

Here are other thoughts on the last couple days:

  • I REALLY, REALLY sensed God meeting with us these few days.  These churches (& you) must have been praying.  God was moving!
  • These churches are a real testimony to the years of service & leadership by (former) missionary Jeff Bartell & pastors Landi Kreci (in Tirana) & Sazan Hoxhaj (in Durres).  There are SO MANY people here that are fully committed to follow Christ.
  • I keep praying along with our missions team for clear direction as to which "least-reached" international areas of the world God wants us to serve & invest our lives in.
  • I am SO excited about how God could use Albanians to reach into some areas of the world with a freedom that would NEVER be afforded to me as a North American!
  • I have just downloaded Ben’s Sunday message onto my Ipod & I’ll listen to it on the way home.  I can’t wait!
  • I’m ready to come home and see my family (hug my wife, play catch with my son, & tickle my daughter) and my church family.
  • I’m not looking forward to the jet lag.  It seems to be worse flying back west, than it is coming east.  🙂