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Albania_080419_mt_dajti_3_2 Yesterday was day #2 of our conference in Tirana, Albania.

Around lunchtime we went to a tourist spot next to Tirana: Mt. Dajti (pronounced "DIE-tee").  Took a long gondola ride up to the top of the mountain which is almost a mile high.  The views were incredible.  Ate lunch at one of the many restaurants at the top.

We saw a bunch of Albania’s over 700,000 tank-proof, concrete bunkers too, built during the communist regime.  They were everywhere, dotting the hills.

At the top, I ate trout (from their mountain-top, spring-fed pools built right beside the restaurant) with vegetables.  Since Cathy doesn’t like fish that much, I eat fish about every time I’m away.

I could have had lamb’s head though.  Check out the bottom of the menu pictured to the right, or click on it.  (I know what you’re thinking.  "Mmmmm.  Lamb’s head…")  🙂

A couple short thoughts from yesterday’s session.

  • I covered the story of Danel from Daniel 10.  It’s the story of how God totally transformed the the perspective of a prophet of God, to see the invisible hand of God working all around him, all the time.
  • I really sensed God moving when we were discussing 1 Peter 5:10 — the fact that God allows us to suffer sometimes (in situations that He may not have intended, but allowed), in order to help us be changed on the inside.  They operative phrase is "AFTER you have suffered a while."
  • I complemented the Albanians on their amazing clapping to songs (which is Biblical, Psalm 47:1.  Actually, I told them God would probably choose them to lead the nations in international worship someday (see the Book of Revelation).  I’ve heard no one in the world clap so loud & on beat when they worship God as these people!

Gotta go.  L8R.