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Knee_early_weightliftingI wanted to give you an update on what exercises I’m being asked to do for rehabilitating my right knee.  (But I have to give special thanks to Kelly H., a physical therapist at Grace Church, who forced me…er…gave me a series of exercises after my injury.  She was a huge help!)

My surgeon, Dr. Dan Gurley, gave me four exercises to start doing right after surgery, to repeat 3 times per day.

     1. Quad Tightening – Lying down, tighten right knee & try to push back of knee into ground.  Repeat 25 times.

     2. Straight Leg Raises – Lying down, tighten right thigh muscle and lift leg 6-8 inches off ground then hold.  Repeat 10 times.  (The toughest exercise out of my Doctor’s set…ouch.)

     3. Heel Slides – Lying down, slide right heel along ground toward my back (my post-op brace doesn’t let me go beyond 90 degrees now).  Repeat 15 times.

     4. Knee Extension – Prop my right ankle on a blanket, and push down on my knee for 5 seconds, to get my knee to 0 degrees.  Repeat 10 times.

I also received some exercises from Sara Bandy, my physical therapist from Blue Valley Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, to repeat 2 times per day.

     1. Leg Press – 5-10 minutes per day of 10-15 pound weights per day.

     2. Toe Raises/Heel Raises – Using 10-15 pounds on a leg press, repeat 15 times.

     3. Right Toe Windshield Wipers – Seated in a chair, with right foot on slick surface (e.g. sock on hardwood floor), keep knee stable and heel in one place.  Then "windshield wiper" the toe back & forth as tolerated, throughout day.

     4. Standing Knee Extensions – Standing up, with 5-10 pounds on a pulley, strap it behind the knee, then repeatedly lift the heel and press the heel back down.  For 5 minutes per day.

How is my body doing?  It’s interesting.  I go through periods of feeling well and then not so well.  I also experience waves of being chilled and overheated, sometimes fairly close together.  It’s like my internal thermostat is trying to recover after surgery as well.

Regardless, I am very, very thankful for how God is healing me and the support I’m receiving from all of you.