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One of the best decisions our family made a couple of years ago was to institute a weekly "family night."  No other appointments allowed.  All hands on deck.

(At the time, my wife and I were talking and praying about the challenges of keeping our family our #1 ministry while our church and responsibilities were continuing to grow.  Then, I came across this article.)

So, what do we do?  Every week, a different person gets to choose the family’s dinner and activity for the night.  It’s their night.  What they say goes.  One week, we might have McDonald’s followed by board games and family-wrestling.  The next week, we might have chicken stir-fry with kickball and hide-and-seek.

Our kids really look forward to this as one of the highlights (if not the highlight) of their week.

It’s a blast.  It reaffirms that my family is my first ministry (and my job hasn’t become my "mistress").  And it provides a time for us to just unwind and enjoy each other.