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A quick update on my rehab.

It’s been 2.5 weeks since my knee surgery.  My rehab has been slowed a little by a tear the surgeon found on my meniscus.  The thin ribbon of cartilage had a pretty significant tear (at least to me) that he repaired with a stitch.  The result is they have been more conservative about me putting weight on it.

I’m attending knee rehab 3 times/week for 6o minutes each.  That seems to be going well.  Yesterday, I could bend my knee to 102 degrees at the start of the session, then 115 degrees at the end (my best flexing yet by 7 degrees!).

My biggest prayer request currently is that my Doc has given me "A Ticket to Ride" (i.e. I’m not cleared to drive yet).  So my wife is being a gracious chauffeur for me.  (If you click on the picture you can see us in our "driving hats.").  I’m praying to be cleared to drive so we can be freed up.