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Auto_1918_dortA quick update on rehab progress.

I’ve got a ticket to drive now — the doctor has given me clearance.  (If you click on the picture, you can see me taking the family out for a spin.)

My surgical brace has been opened up to the maximum of 120 degrees. Before today’s rehab session, when I bent my knee, I would bend between 105 degrees (if I was cold), to 120 degrees (when I’m warmed up from exercise).

Yesterday, my "substitute physical therapist" bent my knee hard (ouch!) and got 130 degrees of bending.  I felt like I needed a stick to bite down on.

Anyway, my knee still has swelling so the doctor has me trying some new things to address that.  The swelling is preventing full extension and flexion.

I’m also down to using one crutch, and trying to build up strength in my right leg.  I need to be off them within 2 weeks.  It’s amazing how much my right thigh muscle (specifically my quad) has atrophied in a short time of not walking on it, even with the exercises.

Also, the small meniscus (cartilage) tear I have is keeping me from doing full weight-bearing squats and lunges.  (Bummer, because those exercises would really help my quads recover.)

All in all, I seem to be on track.  Thanks so much for continuing to pray!