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Marriage - Weekend to Remember
Cathy & I got back last night from the 1st marriage retreat we've attended in over 15 years of marriage.  We attended the Weekend to Remember conference that I referenced back in this post and in this post.

A bunch of thots:

  • The Best — It's not often I get to whisk my wife out of town for a weekend away.  That alone was AWESOME!!!
  • The Location — When you think of the most romantic places in the Midwest, OMAHA may not be at the top of your list.  But we LOVE their Old Market Area.  Very old.  Very nice.  Very romantic.
  • The Speakers — Got a chance to hear Bob & Jan Horner of The Homebuilders Series, along with Mark Schatzman of Fellowship Bible Church.  Never heard of them before (but that's okay…they've heard less about me), but I thought they did an OUTSTANDING job.
  • My Favorite Jokes — Here were my 2 favorite jokes from the weekend…
    • "A man answers the phone one day & hears his doctor.  His doc says, 'I've got bad news & worse news…(1) The bad news is that you have 24 hours to live.  (2) The worse news is that I've been trying to get ahold of you since yesterday!' "
    • "Do you know what serving is like?  It's like taking a leak in your wetsuit.  (1) No one knows what you've done, (2) but you feel warm all over."
  • Mr. & Mrs. PDA — There was 1 couple there this weekend who were all over each other during the breaks.  We wanted to tell them to "get a room," but they already did (like all the other couples).  🙂
  • The Stories — At the end of the conference, we heard story after story of people who said this was a PIVOTAL weekend in their marriage.  I could see a LOT of couples I know benefiting HUGELY from this weekend.
  • Strange Take-away — I'm SO EXCITED!!  I sensed God speak VERY CLEARLY to me about having my family begin praying together about something…a topic that you would NOT think God would bring up during a marriage retreat.  More L8R…

And my wife & I want to give a special THANK YOU to people who made this weekend possible…

  • To My Wife — who's given me 15 of the MOST AMAZING years of marriage…I married WAAAAAY out of my league
  • To My Kids — who didn't freak out with Mom & Dad leaving town…who remember that Mom comes BEFORE them in God's "priority pyramid"
  • To Grandma & Grandpa — who did a GREAT job of spoiling watching our wonderful kids this weekend
  • To Trudi Fletcher — my new Admin Assistant who clued me into the weekend in the first place
  • To Brian Gann — who NAILED IT yesterday as he taught the next installment of our "Madne$$" series ("The X's & O's of Game Planning for Financial Downturns")
  • To our Children's Ministry Leaders — who, on a weekend that our Children's Pastor was speaking for me, stepped up & allowed my wife to accompany me to the marriage retreat (which I highly recommend)
  • To Grace Church — who is SO SUPPORTIVE of me as I keep my priorities in order (i.e. God 1st, Cathy 2nd, kids 3rd…& everybody else after that)
  • To Family Life — who've generously been helping out people who've lost their jobs the last 6 months & pastors attend

Gotta try it sometime!