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Series_07_christmas_survival_guideI’m doing my "Thursday-thing" right now…retreating to an area coffee shop to pray, study, think, & prep for the weekend message.

I am SO PSYCHED about our new series.  We are walking through the main characters in the Christmas story & showing how each of them faced a different challenge that EVERYONE faces from time to time…especially Christmastime…hence the "Survival Guide" theme.  🙂

Here’s the series schedule:

Here are some other "thots":

  • We had a brainstorming team meet way back on 8/20 to prep for this series.  This series theme & weekly topics came directly out of that brainstorming time.  Thank you guys!
  • The coffee shops I frequent are used by a lot of
    Grace-ers…or is it Grace-ites?  Or Graceland-ians?  It’s pretty cool
    to see some friendly faces when I’m out and about.
  • People_eartha_kitt_2
  • Sounds like about half the Christmas music that’s being piped into the room is updated with the latest "funk" or "callypso" beats.  (How could they do that to my favorite, "Santa Baby"!  WWEKS…What would Eartha Kitt say?)  🙂

Read through Luke 1:26-38 for Sunday & think about what a preposterous thing she was asked to believe (& the implications that were reeling in her head).