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People - Clement of AlexandriaAs I was studying the word "fish" through the Bible last week, I came across this statement in a book called The Pulpit Commentary: St. Luke Volume, edited by H. D. M. Spence-Jones.  It said:

"The great Fisherman, Christ; his imitators and servants, fishers; the world of men pictured as fish, — were ever favorite images for the pencil, the graving tool, and the pen of the Christian artist and writer of the first ages of the faith. One of the earliest extant hymns, for instance, of the Church, by Clement of Alexandria, dwells on the image.  The words are addressed to Christ —

'Fisher of men, the blest,
Out of the world's unrest,
Out of sin's troubled sea,
Taking us, Lord, to thee;
Out of the waves of strife
With bait of blissful life;
Drawing thy nets to shore,
With choicest fish, good store."

Wow.  Isn't that cool?  A song written by a man who lived from 157-217 AD using this rich imagery of people without God being just like fish…and how Christ pulls people out of the sea so they can live.  Being a "fisher of men" is like being in the Coast-Guard-of-Humanity…performing the ultimate water-rescues!