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Object - Earth Here's a slew of updates, God-moments, and prayer requests from various missionaries connected with Grace:

  • "Church-Like" Activity — We have been able to identify some "church-like" activity among a highly-persecuted, unreached people-group in a village that has been an object of systematic hatred by the majority group in the area.  It looks like there might be up to 15 (maybe even 25) new followers of Jesus among this group.  They are meeting together.  Since literacy is low, they are requesting oral teaching & audio Bibles.
  • Hello from Spain — Steve & Ally Baker, our missionaries to Spain recently wrote this:
    • "Unlike the rest of Spain, I think, [our city] has a very large percentage of devotees. People are obviously sincere in their devotion, but the truth is salvation comes by grace through faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ, not by works.Our hearts are broken for Valladolid and we ask that you pray with us as we share the Truth with our city. Ally and I found an apartment! It is centrally located and is furnished! It is 600 square feet so it’s kind of small… We are in full swing of language learning and I am wishing I had paid more attention to grammar in school! We have an excellent teacher, Alberto, who is a grammar drill sergeant! He says, “These are the rules you must follow them!” At the end of a two-hour session our heads are hurting… We figure all this will be worth it when that day comes where we can effectively share the gospel with a Spaniard in Español. That will be a great day for us. Pray that day will come quickly. Right after we sent out our last update [our sending agency] sent us an email and told us that an anonymous person donated enough money to put our entire team through language school! Praise God!"
  • One Grace Family's Story — One of our own Grace families wrote us about the impact of our Summer Breakout theme, spending a week learning about, praying for, & loving a particular foreign people group.  She wrote:
    • "SBO had such an amazing impact on my daughter H. Here it is [in the Fall] and she is still praying for the K's. Thanks for committing your time towards having such an awesome SBO!"
  • Project Partnering — Our world missions team fields many project requests from missionaries. They pray about the requests, and then partner as the Lord leads them.  Here are just a couple of the recent projects they've told me about:
    • Medical Relief — One person has been working with a village and we were able to partner with him on providing medical relief and health/first aid training to the village, bettering their relationships.
    • Children's Scholarships — One missionary has developed a strategic partnership with a local school & underresourced families.  We were able to scholarship a good number of children with them.
    • Friday School — We were able to fund a lady's request to create — for lack of a better    term — a "Friday School" for children in a village were expressing an interest in the things of Jesus & Scripture.
  • Church Planter Prayer Request — One of the indigenous church-planters we support recently wrote to ask for prayer:
    • "I need prayers for me and my family. I feel my life is becoming like Martha (busy with mnay things but not having enough time with the Lord of service) and this has made me so tired. My baby does not sleep well at night and this is affecting my wife's health very badly. Please pray for my family."