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Bible - Open with coffee Last Saturday, I spent the morning alone with God, thinking about life, where I/my family/Grace is headed.  I also developed a new daily reading plan.  I've been thru a few different phases over the years in my daily Bible reading time.

  • Phase 1:  Chapters/Day — When I first started reading the Bible every day (20 years ago or so), I started reading 3-chapters/day.  Why?  Because my pastor suggested it.  And I figured out it would ALMOST get me through the Bible once/year.  (Actually, 3.25 chapters/day gets you thru once/year.)  Over the years, I adjusted my plan from time-to-time…to anywhere from 3-12 chapters/day.

But there was a problem for me…

  • Phase 2: Pages/Day — After going thru the Bible again & again, I found a problem with my old system.  Some chapters are TINY & some are HUMONGOUS.  Too big of a swing for me.  So a few years ago, I changed up my plan to reading a certain number of pages/day.  That WAAAAY evened out my daily commitment.  Worked great.  Again, I changed the number of pages/day from time-to-time.

But there was still a problem…

  • Phase 3: Different Pages/Day — My problem was that SOME days, my scheduled is just HAMMERED and a some days I have more time.  So I recently revamped my reading plan to match my marathon training schedule.  In marathon training, you build your week around 1 long run each week, 1 day of rest, and interspersed medium & easy runs.

So…here's my new reading plan:

  • Mon — A long day.  18 pgs
  • Tue — An easier day.  3 pgs
  • Wed — A medium day.  9 pgs
  • Thu — An easier day.  3 pgs
  • Fri — A medium day.  9 pgs
  • Sat — An easier day.  4 pgs
  • Sun — A rest day.  0 pgs

And I am loving it.  I'm loving what I'm hearing from God these days.  I love having a plan.  I love having a different amount to read each day (it changes up the experience).  Love it.