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Knee - Pain LightningWell, I broke down & scheduled it.  I'm having knee surgery on Monday May 17.  I blogged about the problem in "An Ice Pick to the Knee."

A little piece of me is bummed right now, mourning the loss of 3 months of running right through the primo summer months.  I'll be on crutches for a month (May 17-June 17), then I can't run for 2 more months (until Aug 17).


Anyway, I know several things:  (1) It's only a tiny part of me that's bummed…overall I'm SO thankful for what's going on.  (2) I know God'll use this like he uses everything for good.  (3) There are people out there with REAL problems that I pray for on a weekly basis, on our Grace Church prayer list.

Regardless, I ran 7 miles last night hard to protest my (self-chosen) upcoming surgery.  🙂