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Object_notepadHad a great Thanksgiving.  Here’s a list of things that I was thankful for yesterday…

  — My reading — My "big verse" was Haggai 2:3-7 (i.e. Don’t worry if what you are doing seems smaller or less glorious than what someone else did today or in the past.  God’s presence WILL make it great.)

  — My wife — There are none better.  I could NOT do what I do without her.  (She made an awesome thanksgiving meal, too!)

  — My kids — Everyday is an adventure, is precious, & they are so fun to chase & tickle.

  — My mother — For being around today.  We almost lost her back in 2000.

  — My father — For the call from Florida…"suffering" on the beach & open water.  🙂

  — My cousin — For making his armies in Risk my "cannon-fodder" yesterday.  Built my self-esteem.  🙂