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I’ve been attending a missions conference this week, so I haven’t had much time to touch base with everyone.

But I was tagged by my friend Ben in a recent post here to share one of my favorite passages of Scripture.  (Never been tagged before.)

When I was going through a VERY tough time back in the summer of 1990, I had been a Christian for just 2 years.  I fled upstairs to my bedroom, picked up my Bible, & started flipping through the Psalms.  I knew that, in the Psalms, you find people processing every emotion with God — every high & every low.  I happened to stumble — by God’s perfect guidance — onto Psalm 142:

  • v.1-2 – When I read those lines, I just broke.  Still have the tear stains in my Bible.
  • v.3-4 – Felt totally the same: overwhelmed, totally alone, & nothing was helping me.
  • v.5-6 – Time to turn to God.  He’s really the only place I can run & find refuge.
  • v.7 – You know, God WILL get me though this…no doubt about it.

God made that Scripture mine that day.  L8R.