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Our Drama Team (Kim, Zach, Brad, Lisa, etc.) and Weekend Service Team (including audio, visual, & lighting teams) deserve MAJOR kudos & encouragement for their presentation of the Life Drama today, the story of Emily Banks.

God did some incredible things today!!!

At the end of service, I extended the opportunity for everyone to
receive Christ then did a "spiritual survey" to see what happened.
Here are the results.  Of the 364 cards we received, representing
singles, couples, & families…

  • "A" (Accepted Today) = 41 (11%)
  • "B" (Believed Before) = 300 (83%)
  • "C" (Considering Christ) = 4 (1%)
  • "D" (Don’t Plan To Ever) = 0 (–)
  • "Blank" (No Indication) = 19 (5%)

Here are some other thoughts:

  • 41+ people received Christ today.  YEA GOD!!!
  • A "hat tip" to the wonderfully-written drama found in "The Games We Play"
  • A "thank you" to our prayer team, who prayed so fervently for this day
  • Series_07_life_emilys_blog_1
    Kudos to our Worship Pastor’s wife who ghost-wrote Emily’s blog
  • Kudos to our Worship Pastor who designed the logo & is hitting his creative stride
  • Kudos to Keith & our lighting team who flexed their creative muscles today

Whew.  What a great day.  I feel zonked…like "mental mush."  Peace, out!  🙂