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Sports - KC ChiefsJust got finished watching the Chiefs-Jets game…at least what portion of it I could watch by the time I got home after church at 1 p.m.  The good guys lost to the bad guys, 24-28.

Here's what I think I think…

  • I get home, flip on the TV, & see Dustin Colquitt isn't the punter.  "WHAT???  Who's this Weatherford guy???" I ask.  I grab my PC & find out he's injured.  "Oh man!"
  • What did I say yesterday about how the Chiefs could stay in the game?  Favre interceptions.  The guy's a hall-of-famer…but he'll also stick a dagger thru his own team's heart too.  (You ALMOST did it for us, Brett, throwing interceptions!)
  • Tyler Thigpen is the man.  I had NO IDEA he had this type of game in him.  Is this a 1-game-wonder or a portent-of-things-to-come?
  • Announcer Greg Gumbel?  My wife has never been a big fan.
  • Announcer Dan Dierdorf?  I don't know why he likes using the word "superlative" so much.
  • By the way, our wide receiver got mugged on the last play.  A really bad call.

Hey, the Chiefs competed & put on a great show today.  That's all I ask.