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Last weekend, I updated Grace on our Phase 2 Expansion. I shared a story from one of our Gracers who wanted to give generously to The Ultimate Investment and challenge each of us to pledge a donation too.
His 8 Reasons to Give
  1. He said, "Giving is the right thing to do to follow God — tithing 10% of all your increase."
  2. He said, "We should give to God before spending on us — the "firstfruit" belong to God."
  3. He said, "I shouldn't even be alive today — I've faced multiple life-threatening situations."
  4. He said, "Life is very short — Life is like a vapor — There is no promise of tomorrow."
  5. He said, "You can't take your wealth with you — At death, your net worth goes to zero."
  6. He said, "I want my money to be used for more than just stuff or savings — used for God."
  7. He said, "God's been dealing with me on this for some time."
  8. He said, "It's not even my money. It's just on loan from God."
I encourage you to use this 7-day Prayer Guide to seek God about participating in some way in The Ultimate Investment. Would you also pray right now for three things:
  1. Construction Permits – From the city of Overland Park 
  2. All 1100 Households Participate – Investing to change lives 
  3. $1M Raised Over 1 Year – By Dec 2015 to expand debt-neutral
Thank you so much for your prayers, faithfulness to God, & desire to change lives for Christ!
P.S. We would love to have you pray about completing your faith commitment card in the next 2-1/2 weeks (by Nov 1-2 or Nov 8-9), thanks!