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Man_thinkingHere are 5 things I think I think…

  • Sweet Time
    — 7a Sat is one of the best, most productive times of my week.  And the thing is, ANYONE can join me.  It's our weekly prayer time for Grace Church.  We had a particularly sweet time this morning, praying for the INCREDIBLE things coming down the pike for our church family, if we fully surrender our hearts to Christ.
  • The Heat is Gone — As I walked out of the house this a.m. at 6:45a, I was hit by a blast of cold air.  It was in the 50's maybe?  Running weather is back!
  • Corporate Confession — Read Ezra 9:6 a couple days ago in my daily reading.  It's about addding corporate confession of sins to God (forgive our sins" instead of just my sins).  Been spinning on that since.  Wondering how often we should be engaged with this together.  Anyway, did some of it this a.m.
  • A Fly on the Wall — Read Nehemiah 13:25 this morning in my time with God.  Nehemiah was so enraged over the blatant disregard of God's people for God, that he (1) stood up to them, (2) cursed them, (3) smacked some of them around, (4) grab fistfuls of their hair & ripped it out, & (5) made them swear their allegiance to God.  How about THAT for conflict resolution???
  • Beyond
    — It's time to go "Beyond."

    • Beyond our plans
    • Beyond our mindset
    • Beyond our intellect
    • Beyond our comfort zone
    • Beyond our lives
    • Beyond our community
    • Beyond our borders
    • It's time
    • The next phase of our journey begins tomorrow


P.S. I hope the Chiefs crush the Raiders tomorrow 70-0.