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Object - NotepadIt's late.  I'll cut to the chase…

  • Watching our Wednesday Study Online — I got this OUTSTANDING story from someone yesterday, after they found they could watch our Wednesday Bible Study live online:  "Making this live stream available is
    a blessing. We have been trying to get to Bible Study but with the children and
    my husband working late, it has been difficult (really I think that its the
    enemy trying to stop our progress). But today I was able to finally watch and
    get hooked! God bless the ministry! See you Sunday!
  • Best Coffee Shop — If you're looking for a place to have a great cup of coffee, try Revocup on the NW corner of College & Quivira.  Great coffee.  Great owner.  (We found out we both were in the Loma-Prieta earthquake together back in 1989.)
  • Jumpin' to Conclusions — Found a story which illustrates that we can too easily jump to the WRONG conclusions based on what we see.  Check out John 11:28-32.
  • Any Rascals Out There?? — Does anyone out there have a Rascal Scooter I can borrow at the office from roughly May 20 to June 20?  I want to terrorize tool around the office on it during the month I have to be on crutches.  Lemme know!
  • Daddy-Daughter Dance — Check out the picture from Grandma.  Enough said.  🙂

Daddy Daughter Dance 2010