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Man_thinkingHere are 5 things I think I think…

  • Bad to Good — Bad news turned to good recently.  The fall football thing for Jacob didn't work out (and I felt like a bad Dad, to be honest.)  But because of the change, we've playing golf together (I'm teaching him at the driving range & putting clock).  We're spending more time together than ever and it's been GREAT.  Bad turned to good a la Romans 8:28.
  • Mercy Gift — My daughter, Karina, was watching a Compassion International video tonight and, yet again, displayed the gift of mercy God gave her.  She broke down, wanted to adopt a child, and was willing to give every dime she had to it.  She has a wonderful mercy gift from God.  I look up to her.
  • Yea, Baby, It's Comin' — I was KNEE DEEP into the Book of Numbers today…as I was yesterday…as I was on Monday.  I'm seeing some INCREDIBLE things for our Wednesday Night Bible Study coming up.  Get ready…
    • 9/9 — "Cultivating your Child's Spiritual Life"
    • 9/13 — "Understanding the Day of Accountability"
    • 9/20 — "Navigating the Wilderness" (Intro to Numbers)
  • Keep Hope Alive — I bleed Chiefs red.  I am hoping for the best this season.  The O-line will all come together at the last minute, Matt Cassell wil throw for 1000 yards, Larry Johnson will dominate, and our new 3-4 defense will put a stranglehold on the opposition.  🙂
  • Dream Come True — In the next few days (internet access permitting), you'll hear about some AMAZING things we're looking into for Grace.