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Bible - Journal It's Tuesday.  I had a couple minutes open up in a day-full of meetings.

So here are 5 thing I think I think….

  • Thanks Kellie — After a year & a half on staff as our church receptionist, Kellie Williams is heading back to her old job.  She, like other pastor's spouses in our past, had to create some "non-Grace-space" in her home!  If you see her, make sure you thank her for her service on staff & wish her the best.
  • Blessing the K's — In our weekly staff meetings, we encourage people to tell stories of what God is doing in people's lives in and around Grace.  This morning, we heard how Grace is partnering with another church to bring immunizations to 15 villages in northern Iraq.  It's awesome.  You'll hear more soon…and how you can bless a people group on the other side of the globe.
  • Time to Retreat — Our staff pastors are headed out tonight for an off-site retreat.  I'm really looking forward to seeing what God does.  Lift up a prayer for us right now, if you can take a minute.
  • Golf with Jacob — Instead of doing a fall sport this year, I've been teaching my son how to play golf.  It was very cool to have my wife tell me last week that he woke up one morning, asking, "What's the tee time for Daddy & I today?"
  • Time to Taper — I'm in the tapering phase of my marathon training.  I only did 7 yesterday & 4 today.  Hardly broke a sweat!  :-)  The marathon is looming.  I'll be attempting to break the 3 hour mark (averaging 6:52/mile for 26.2 miles).