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In honor of our study on "Christianese," it only seems fitting to crack the code on a common word: Apologetics.  A recent post from Rick Warren provided excellent detail on how we can have 5 Ways to Recognize God's Truth.  Here's a brief overview of his post:

5 Ways to Recognize God's Truth:

  1. Creation –- Every part of nature has a reflection on God's magnitude and goodness. Romans 1:19
  2. Conscience –- God uses our conscience to tell us what is right and wrong. Romans 2
  3. Consideration -– God gave each of us a brain to think through, test, & know truth.  Through following God's map provided (e.g. The Bible), we can test and know what works. 
  4. Commandments of God2 Timothy 3:16 tells us ALL scripture helps direct and correct us through God's commandments.  We know the Bible to be truth through a wide variety of both external and internal evidence.
  5. Christ — Jesus Christ is the Truth. In John 14:6, Jesus declared himself to be truth. He wasn't a leader to have claimed to be searching or know truth, rather Jesus claimed, "I AM the TRUTH." 

The best way to know God's truth is reading His Truth (e.g the Bible) and knowing His Truth (e.g. developing a personal relationship with Christ).