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Series 09 - Wilderness (Numbers) I am EXCITED about tonight's Wednesday Bible Study topic (6:45-8:00p).  We've been studying on "How to Navigate OUR Journey" (our "wilderness," so to speak)" through the book of Numbers.

Tonight we take on the subject of "Separation" from Numbers 5-6.  These 2 chapters are the PERFECT illustration of things that separate us FROM God (a bad thing in God's mind) and how to live separated TO God (a good thing in God's mind).

But there are a BUNCH of reasons you need to make tonight's study a priority:

  • I show you how YOU CAN UNDERSTAND the Bible, section by section
  • We talk about the 3 THINGS that can separate us FROM God, on a daily basis
  • We talk about 1 of God's characteristics/emotions that you probably NEVER connected with God
  • We reveal which "FRUIT" Adam & Eve most likely ate, and what in the world that has to do with us today
  • We talk about a VISION God has for your life that you might never have seen before