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Sports - Running a I'm coming up on a marathon this weekend.  I'm in the tapering phase (doing less miles, healing up the legs).  I thought it'd be a great time to share why I do what I do…pounding out the 40-70 mile weeks…getting up while it's dark…going to the track to do high-intensity repeats.

  1. I run to EAT — I like eating.  And I flat out get to do more of it when I run.  Running's the fastest, sustainable calorie-burning activity out there!
  2. I run to stay HEALTHY — I've got a pretty rigorous schedule.  You need to stay fit to keep the pace with family, & ministry, & life. 
    (I also have nightmares about becoming your typical
    overweight-comb-over-out-of-touch-pastor…not for me!!!)  Running's my
  3. I run to manage STRESS — The book of Genesis talks about people needing to work & to "sweat."  I don't think that's metaphorical.  I burn off tons of stress as I cover the miles.
  4. I run to WORK — One of the greatest things I discovered is that I can think while I run.  I either take my message text or a blank sheet of paper, and a ballpoint pen, and hit the road.  My best thinking and meditating is done on the road.
  5. I run to WORSHIP — Some of my best worship times (prayer & praise) are on the road.  When I take my iPod, I actually do hand motions and raise my hands (shortly) as I pray or sing to God.