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Object - NotepadHere are 5 quick updates for everyone…

  • "Elementary-age basketball…it's faaaan-tastic" — I'm coaching Jacob & Karina's basketball teams again this year.  I coach my 3rd grade girls first, then my 5th grade boys show up…back to back.  It's a blast.
  • Reading thru the Psalms — In my continual reading through the Bible (Genesis to Revelation), I'm in Psalms these days.  Rich stuff.  Here were the last couple notes I wrote in my journal today:
    • Psalm 118:6"I used this thought last night, when I was teaching Numbers 9-10."
    • Psalm 119:62"Wow.  Do I do that?  Rising from bed at midnight, just to praise you & give you thanks for the righteous judgments of the Bible?"
  • Operation Christmas Child — Guess what my family was up to tonight?  We hit up the Dollar Tree to shop for a boy & girl gift for Operation Christmas Child.  We're encouraging every single family to bring a boy & girl gift to Grace for distribution around the world.  Great way to show Christ's love to people.  The deadline is this Sunday!
    • From the Field 1 — By the way, did you catch last Sunday that we have a Gracer serving in Central Asia who has witnessed children receiving these gifts personally.  It changed their lives!
    • From the Field 2 — We have another group we support who are serving the people of Middle East who are launching a similar project ("Children Reaching Children") in their neck of the woods.
  • Pounding the Pavement — I'm starting my slow re-engagement with running after the Wichita marathon.  I did 7 miles today with 8×100 meter repeats in the middle.
  • Extraordinary Prayer — I can't wait for Sunday morning.  I believe we're going to talk about some things that will change people's lives in the area of prayer.  (And here's a quick shout out to you 2nd service people…can you shift to 1st or 3rd service & show some of God's love to people…it's wall to wall in there these days!)