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Object - NotepadHere are 5 things to know:

  • Walmart Sold Out? — Yes, our church charged out Sunday after worship for their "40-Day Prayer Challenge" and bought up every small Moleskine-type notebook they had!
  • How Many Gifts? — Our church put together well over 250 gift boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  (I'll get the final total at some time.)  Also, I heard you have until this Friday to bring your boy and/or girl gifts to our lobby so they can be shipped out on Saturday.
  • What is Connected? — To move beyond simply "Coming" to being "Connected" at Grace, it takes 3 things…and they're directly aligned with our mission:
    1. Having friends TO LOVE — praying for, reaching out, & developing friendships in the church (i.e. "fellowship")
    2. Having a place TO LEARN — a small group study, Bible Study, 1-on-1 Directions Study, Wednesday night Bible Study, etc.
    3. Having a place TO LEAD — a ministry, volunteering opportunity, local outreach ministry, etc.
  • Developing Warriors — Yes, my 3rd grade girls & 5th grade boys basketball teams practice back-to-back again tonight.  We're taking the next step of leaving "nice" on the sidelines!  🙂
  • Say it Ain't So, Gary! — Snow?  Are you kidding?  Say it ain't so, Gary!  (Yes, I'm referring to Gary Lezak, the weatherman who my wife swears by…and his blog.)