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It was great to teach again this weekend.  Our topic was "The Lord's Prayer" (found in Matthew 6:9-13). I challenged everyone to pray the Lord's Prayer daily for 40 straight days & watch how God uses it to jump start you relationship with him.

The 40 Day Prayer Challenge — "Lord's Prayer Version"

  • Pray the Lord's Prayer daily for 40 days (Sun Aug 4 – Thu Sept 12)
  • When you pray, challenge others to join you by posting a comment with the tag "#lordsprayer"=
  • Watch how you become more prayerful & "God conscious" throughout the rest of your day


Our summer interns found some things in their research on prayer that we didn't have time for during the services.  Here they are:

Jaeky Spencer found a 2-year old girl singing "The Lord's Prayer".



Tyler Jacobs sent me some links to studies on atheists & prayer. Researchers found religious activity was not uncomon among nonbelievers. Another article noted 6% of athiests pray every day. Also, there was an "Athiest Prayer Experiment" in which 71 athiests and agnostics signed up to pray 40 days to hear from God. The results are here