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Bible_40_days_of_reading_1I’m about halfway through the "40 Days of Bible Reading" challenge that our Grace Church youth groups (high school & middle school) are taking.  The challenge started three weeks ago, at the end of their "D3 Conference" (i.e. 3 nights of student discipleship).

You might see the students & volunteers wearing this wristband reminder around.  It says, "40 days" on one side and "walk in the light" on the other.  (And it glows in the dark!)

Spending some time with God is a daily non-negotiable event in my life.  With it, I am centered and seeking God.  Without it, I am a blockhead stressed out and stressing everyone else out around me.  I shared my current daily plan back in June.

I thought I’d share what I wrote in my journal today.  I read Job 9-19.  Here it is, heart & warts & all:

  • Bible_job_19
    9:2 — How can we be righteous before God?  It’s wild the Bible is so true about every man being a sinner.
  • 9:12 — No one can stop God at all.  Or even question him.
  • 11:1-3 — It’s tough to determine when you say something to someone who is suffering (for their own mistakes, perhaps) and when you keep silent.  Lord do you want me to speak to _____?
  • 12:1-2 — The first record of "You da’ man!" (sarcastically)
  • 12:7-9 — God designed nature to teach us truth.
  • 13:5 — Silence can be wisdom.  Sometimes the best counselor keeps his mouth shut.
  • 13:26 — Job’s wondering if his trials are, in some way, the consequences of his bad decisions from years & years ago.
  • 14:5 — God already knows (foreknowledge) how long I have on earth.
  • 14:10,14 — The questions that led me to seek God in response to His drawing.
  • 16 — I’m thankful that Job is such a rich (foreshadowing) picture of Christ when He was suffering through His passion for us!
  • 19:6-7 — Job’s finally having a hard time blaming God.  He was doing so well before (1:20-22) but it’s taking it’s toll.
  • 19:13-22 — Easy to do when you feel totally abandoned in a crisis.
  • 19:23-24 — They were!
  • 19:25-27 — This blows people’s ignorant assertions out of the water, that people in the Old Testament (Hebrew Scriptures) didn’t believe in or even think about the resurrection!

FYI, the best book I know on the book of Job is by my friend and mentor, Dr. Jeff Adams.  It’s called Job: Adventures in the Land of Uz. If you want to unlock Job, buy it.