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Hello Everyone,

It's Easter week. It's uncanny the amount of activity (craziness?) that arises eeryin my world the final week of prayer and preparation for Easter. 2016 has been no different for me. Instead of shying away from it, I embrace it. If God wasn't about to move in such a great way, the enemy would be watching Netflix instead of trying to stir up people and situations!

I want to challenge you to do four things in the last days before Easter:

  • Pray
  • Be a Part of the "1st 7 Minutes"
  • Invite your friends & family far from God
  • Attend any service (with a friend) or our 4p Sat, 5:30p Sat, or 8a Sun if you don't have a friend coming with you

Check it out:

Easter 2016 from Grace Church on Vimeo.