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 We had an AWESOME Prospective Members Class on Sunday.

29 adults.  Insightful questions.  Great interaction.

One of the questions asked was, "Are we going to launch a 3rd service & what time would that service be?"  I told them the answer was yes, we were already praying about, brainstorming on it, & planning for it.  I also said we believe the Lord’s timing would be:

  • After hiring a Fellowship & Discipleship pastor (Lord willing, this spring)
  • Then we launch our 3rd service (likely this fall)
  • Finally we start taking steps toward the next phase of our facility (a classroom expansion)

I then took a straw poll of the Prospective Members.  I asked, "If this decision were yours, what time would you make the 3rd service: Saturday night, Sunday morning, or Sunday night?"  Here were the results:

  • Saturday Night = 15
  • Sunday Morning = 5
  • Sunday Night = 6
  • (Didn’t Vote) = 3

Interestingly, when I took the same poll among the leaders involved in weekend services (children’s, youth, & adult) back on Sunday December 9, here were the results:

  • Saturday Night = 8
  • Sunday Morning = 7
  • Sunday Night = 1

So…if it was your call, what would you recommend?  (P.S. I made the distinction that I wasn’t asking for their preference.  I was asking them for their "what’s-best-for-Grace-and-our-mission-field" recommendation.)