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7 days.  7 examples of the 3 Applications of Scripture.  Trying to help people learn to enjoy reading the Bible themselves and get something out of it.

Here’s example #3 from Psalm 1.  Read it, then check out my examples.

  • Historical — "The Psalmist writes a song saying what separates people — in God’s mind — is their attitude towards God’s word."
  • Doctrinal — "This teaches me about who Jesus is because He is the one true ‘Righteous’ One — who God knows & protects & uses to bring forth fruit in this world."
  • Inspirational — "God, would You move in my life to help me to delight & meditate in your Word like never before?"

If you are interested in trying it again tomorrow, try reading Matthew 1:1-17 (yes, the dreaded "lists of names").  Plus, do you have any requests for other passages later this week?