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Bible_open_with_coffee_3I’m trying to help people breathe new life into their relationship to God by reading the Bible in a fresh way: 7 examples in 7 days of the 3 Applications of Scripture.

Example #4 is Matthew 1:1-17 (the dreaded "list of names").  Read it, then check out my examples:

  • Historical — "The apostle Matthew detailed Jesus’ lineage (which included very imperfect people) to establish Jesus’ Divine right to be the King of Israel."
  • Doctrinal — "This shows me that Jesus deserves to inherit BOTH the throne promised to King David & the land/generations promised to Abraham."
  • Inspirational — "God, please use me to reproduce spiritually: to help bring forth & train up another generation in the long line of people to follow you passionately, despite all their personal flaws & failings."

Also try reading Matthew 7:1-6 requested by Jason.  (Any other passage requests for me to go through?)