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Alright.  Though it feels a little "played" to post on the same topic again today, I wanted to keep my word (i.e. 7 examples in 7 days the 3 Applications of Scripture).  And I’ve heard from a bunch of people that this has been a really beneficial process for you.  That’s awesome!

Example #7 is Luke 14:25-33, requested by another Jason.  Read, try, & compare my examples:

  • Historical — "Jesus told a huge crowd following Him that they’d better carefully consider if they are willing to pay the personal price BEFORE committing to be His disciple (as they would evaluate before building a building or going to war)."
  • Doctrinal — "This teaches me that Jesus does not want half-hearted or partially-committed disciples…He wants fully committed followers who have counted the costs."
  • Inspirational — "Lord, would You help me to always sit down first & evaluate the cost of decisions (including that of being a disciple) before I commit to any decision."