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Bible_open_with_coffeeI had NO idea how to read the Bible.  Tried to start a bunch of times & failed.

After I became a Christian, someone turned me on to looking for the 3 applications of every Scripture.  Gave me focus.  Helped me actually read the Bible.  Changed my life.

What are the 3 applications of every verse/chapter/story in the Bible?

  1. Historical (John 5:46-47) — Agreeing that a passage is historically accurate (which grows your FAITH)
  2. Doctrinal/Prophetic (John 5:39) — Recognizing how a passage reveals who Christ is or what His Kingdom is all about (which grows your RELATIONSHIP)
  3. Inspirational/Personal (Mark 2:24-27) — Applying a passage to your personal life (which grows your CHARACTER)

I’m giving 7 examples in 7 days.  Here’s my first example from Exodus 25:23-30.

  • Historical — "God TOLD Moses to build a table for bread in the Holy Place of the Tabernacle."
  • Doctrinal — "The table reveals who JESUS is…having 2 natures…carried by people…ready to meet with people in the Holy Place."
  • Inspirational — "Jesus, help ME to meet You at the table of showbread in a greater way than every before."