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Bible_open_with_coffee_37 days.  7 examples.  3 Applications of Scripture.  1 fresh way to read the Bible.

Example #6 is Deuteronomy 22:8-12…a very strange hodgepodge of commands.  Read it, then check out my examples:

  • Historical — "God gives the nation of Israel a series of commands about protecting your neighbor (building a roof-guard), not mixing together different materials (seeds, animals, materials), and making your clothes look different than other nations (love those tassels!)."
  • Doctrinal — "This teaches me about Jesus, in that HE is our protection (keeping us from falling) and HE is different than any other god that people worship (His ‘seed’ is different = the Bible Lk 8:11…His servants are different = pulling the plow with Him Matt 11:29…His clothing is different = the armor of God Isa 59:17)."
  • Inspirational — "Dear God, would you allow me to have a radically different lifestyle than people that don’t know You (2Cor 6:14-17), so they can see that my love for them is different (the roof-guard), my words are different (the seed), my lifestyle is different (the plow & my clothing)…even how I remember Your Word is different (i.e. the ‘tassles’ of Num 15:37-41)."

Also try reading Luke 14:25-33 for tomorrow.