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I’m on the hunt to give 7 examples in 7 days of the 3 Applications of Scripture.  My goal is to try to help people learn to enjoy reading the Bible themselves and get something out of it.

I’m having people read a passage themselves and take a shot at writing 1 sentence for each of the 3 Applications first.  Then they can compare their answers to my (imperfect) examples.

Here’s my second example.  First, read 1 Corinthians 10:1-6.  Then, check out my examples.

  • Historical — "Paul was writing the church at Corinth about how Israel’s failures in the wilderness applied to them."
  • Doctrinal — "The rock that Israel drank from in the desert teaches us about Jesus, Who fulfills all of people’s desires."
  • Inspirational — "God, would you help me to not to lust after evil things in my life as Israel did?"

If you are interested in trying it again tomorrow, try reading Psalm 1.