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Marathon - 2009 Boston Next Monday morning, at 10a Eastern (9a Central), I'll be starting my 26.2 mile journey along the Boston Marathon with 25,000 of my closest friends.

If you want to follow my progress on the web, you can at  The "face" of the Boston Marathon website will change that day.  You can also sign up for text message updates if you know my bib number (#7552) & my birthday.

Here's my plan for next Monday morning (using CENTRAL timezone times):

  • 4:30a CDT — Time to wake up, get dressed, get something to eat, hit the bathroom, & grab all my stuff
  • 5:00a CDT — Cathy & I will leave North Andover to drive to Hopkinton
  • 6:15a CDT — Cathy will drop me off in Hopkinton & I'll make my way to the "Athlete's Village" at the high school.  Time to find a piece of ground where I can throw my ground cloth down, lay down, snooze, read, snack, and wait
  • 8:15a CDT — I'll start walking almost 1 mile from the Athlete's Village (at Hopkinton High School) to the starting line (near the intersection of Main & Ash).  I'll be headed for "Corral 7" where runners 7000-7999 will wait).
  • 8:30a CDT — I'm ready!!!  (30 more minutes to go???  UGH.  Gotta try to find a way to sit down in the corral if it's not too wet.)
  • 9:00a CDT — The "gun" sounds, a cheer goes up, and most people start their "several minute shuffle" towards the starting line
  • 9:06a CDT — I'll cross the starting line with my computer timing chip tied to my shoe and MY race officially starts
  • 12:16a CDT — Hopefully I finished the marathon in 3:10 or under!!  (Will I YAK at the finish line as I did after the KC marathon??)
  • 12:25a CDT — Will I have met Cathy by the "H" sign for last names by this time yet?  Will I remember my name yet?  🙂

Here's the pace I hope to keep for the race.  I'm shooting for a 3:10 marathon (or 7:15 minutes/mile):

  • 10k (6.2 miles):  44:46 – 44:57
  • 1/2 (13.1 miles):  1:34:24 – 1:35:00
  • 30k (18.64 mile):  2:14:31 – 2:15:11
  • End (26.2 miles):  3:10:00